Rare North Carolina Vase by Royal Crown

(Merry Oaks, Chatham County, North Carolina)

5 inches (height), 5 ¾ inches (width), earthenware, stamped on bottom:  "Royal Crown Pottery Hand Made."  This piece has outstanding form and is in excellent condition.

Victor Obler, a Russian immigrant, founded and operated Royal Crown Pottery and Porcelain Company in Merry Oaks, North Carolina, from 1939 - 1942.  The pottery produced stoneware, but never porcelain.  With the advent of World War II, Obler was not able to obtain the necessary materials for his glazes, and the pottery closed in 1942 after having operated for only three years.  The pottery got its name after Obler saw a sign advertising Royal Crown Cola.  This piece was probably thrown by Jack Kiser.  The Mint Museum owns ten pieces of Royal Crown pottery. 

(Reference:  Perry, Barbara Stone (ed.), North Carolina Pottery, the Collection of the Mint Museum.)


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