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"Making Camp" by Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton
(American, 1889 – 1975)

Thomas Hart Benton is the Icon of American Art.

Lithograph, edition of 250, 14â…" x 11â…ž inches, signed lower right. Circulated by Associated American Artists, New York City.

“As I’ve said lots of times, I like rivers. I especially like those clear free flowing rivers of the Ozarks which have escaped the alterations of the Army Corps of Engineers. For years I’ve floated down these rivers every Spring either by canoe or ‘jon’ boat, an extra long sort of skiff. Sometimes the water is fast and rough, at other times it slows up in deep pools. Generally the river floaters I run with make camp at the end of the day on the gravel bards linin g one of these pools and fish them while supper is cooked. That’s what this litho shows. The pool is under some bluffs on the Buffalo river in northwest Arkansas.” ---Benton

(Reference: Fath (Compiled & edited), The Lithographs of Thomas Hart Benton, New, Expanded Edition, University of Texan Press, Austin & London, 1979.)

PRICE: $2,950

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