"Cabin in the Ozarks" by Ernest T. Fredericks
probably near Eureka Springs, AR, ca. 1910

(American, 1877 - 1959)

Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches (canvas), 29 x 35 inches (frame, probably the original), signed lower right.  An early work by the artist. 

Ernest Fredericks is a pseudonym.  He was of Swedish origin; his real name is Frederick Swedlun.

Fredericks was born in 1877 in McPherson, Kansas. He studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute, 1924 - 1926, and in the ALL-Illinois art shows.  In Chicago, he created the pseudonym Ernest T. Fredericks and was known for his regional landscape paintings.  Later he moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas where he resumed using his birth name, Fred Swedlun, and where he and his son taught art classes. 

CollectionsOgden Museum of Southern Art.

The following is from Steve Beacham, Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

"He lived into the 1950's.  He died in 1959 and is buried here in Eureka Springs.  I live in a small town in Arkansas, Eureka Springs.  Ernest and his family moved here from Chicago.  I took care of his son until his death.  Ernest Fredericks was a pseudonym.  He was of Swedish orign, and in Chicago thery were the newest immigrant group getting based.  His real name is Frederick Swedlun.  Fred and his son Glenn Swedlun taught art classes here in the Ozarks.  Many of the regional landscape paintings from Ernest are from this area.  I have many of his later paintings which are signed Fred Swedlun."

The following is from Dale E. Williams:

"Born in McPherson, Kansas of Swedish parents in 1877, Ernest Fredericks later moved to Chicago to study art, heavily influenced by Swedish artist and fellow Kansan Birger Sandzen of Lindsborg.  Earlier works were signed Ernest Fredericks, a pseudonym.  He made his way to Eureka Springs later in life to paint and teach under his real name Fred Swedlun."

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