Possibly the largest example in existence of a model First Nations Tlingit canoe.

64 inches (length), 18½ inches (height), 13 ¾ inches (width)).

The red cedar canoe was made by an individual familiar with 19th century Tlingit canoe carving and construction. Proportions are perfectly balanced. A carved raven is perched on the prow and killer whale designs in black, red and blue are depicted in opposing profiles on either side. Close attention to detail is very evident, e.g., the inner edge is slightly hollowed-out and painted red. It is quite possible that the piece was created as a special exhibition piece under the auspices of one of the New Deal/WPA/CCC programs during the 1930’s to early 1940’s. It is quite extraordinary in size, design, craftsmanship, and correct from an ethnological standpoint. A true example of First Nations material culture. Possibly, further research will reveal a record of it being exhibited. Excellent condition with age appropriate wear.

Price:  $6,800

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