"Mrs. McCulloch is credited with being the only woman to have two sons obtain the rank of brigadier general [Confederate States Army, Brigadier General Henry Eustace McCulloch & Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch] in the same war. All of her twelve children were born in Rutherford County, Tennessee. The history of this family is extensive and a brief synopsis can be easily obtained through Wikipedia. ------------------------â…' plate ambrotype approximately 3 x 2 ½ inches. The image is in excellent condition. The case shows age and wear; the spine may have been reinforced; and the lining under the image is probably replaced.The subject has been positively identified (see: www.cemetery.state.tx.us/pub/user_form.asp?pers_id=73). The photo illustrated and identified in this citation is, no doubt, the same image as the above. In fact, the two images were probably taken the same day, just a different pose in each, because she has the same dress on and her glasses are still resting on her bonnet/top of head.

In the above, she has her hands resting below her waist which may indicate that she is standing in this image instead of sitting as in the image in the citation. This ambrotype is rare and very significant artifact to history of Tennessee, Texas, and American history in general.



Frances Fisher LeNoir McCulloch

Benjamin McCulloch

Henry Eustace McCulloch

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