"PLIGHT OF THE REFUGEES - POVERTY" (Dated 1934, untitled on drawing) By MORRIS TOPCHEVSKY (Russian-American, 1899 - 1947)

Pencil and pastel on paper, 21 x 27 inches (sight), Signed and dated upper left.

"At the present time of class struggle, danger of war and mass starvation, the artist cannot isolate himself from the problems of the world, and the most valuable contribution to society will

come from the artists who are social revolutionists. -Topchevsky

(Topchevsky, although a Russian Jew who escaped the oppressive culture for Jews in Russian, like many artists of his day, had very strong leanings to the international Communist movement in the first half of the 20th century. His attachments to "Socialism and the Communist movement were, no doubt, severely challenged as the world learned of the atrocities of Stalin and the starvation created by "Socialism.

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