ca. late 1920's - 1930's" />

"Aunt Mary" by Puryear Mims
ca. late 1920's - 1930's

Puryear Mims
(Nashville, Tennessee Artist, 1906 - 1975)

One-of-a-kind heavy plaster bust, approximately 20 inches (height).

Originally purchased from the artist's sisters when they sold his house following his death.

"...Mim's approximate 350 extant pieces can be divided into two near-equal major divisions:  The representational portraits with their several formats, and the abstract compositions of his last 15 years.  The first group was executed by the indirect method of modeling and casting [The above piece is of the first group.]; the second by the direct method of carving....Although he had done portrait heads of friends and family in the late twenties [Possibly, this could be from the late 20's.]...." Reference: Holder, Philancy, Thomas Puryear Mims, Tennessee Botanical gardens & Fine arts Center, Inc., Cheekwood, Nashville, Tn., 1977.


Comprehensive biographical information about the artist available upon request

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