Walter Biggs, N. A. (Virginian, 1886-1968)

Distinguished by his Southern heritage, Walter Biggs is considered one of the foremost American illustrators. Born in Elliston, Virginia, he spent his childhood there and became an artist of much pride to his region. He was well known for his magazine illustrations including for Harper's, Scribner's, Good Housekeeping, and The Ladies' Home Journal, and as a painter, his style and subject matter reflected the AshCan School of Social Realism. Prodigious in his output, Biggs created numerous illustrations and other pieces for his own pleasure. He most often worked in watercolor and pursued colloquial Southern subjects. Biggs’ technical mastery and refined sense of narrative is clearly evident in many scenes, as well as his particular penchant for social realism and for conveying a feeling of the moment, clear evidence of his study with Robert Henri. In his essential reference “The Illustrator in America 1860-2000” Walt Reed describes Biggs as being "the South at its best, both as a gentleman and as an artist who painted the South with sensitive artistry and poetic nostalgia." His rendering, “The Star that Didn’t Twinkle,” is, unquestionably, one of his most beautiful and masterful paintings in which Southern poetic nostalgia is the primary theme.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Chase School / New York School of Art with Robert Henri, F. Luis Mora and William Merritt Chase


American Water Color Society

Philadelphia Water Color Club

Allied Artists of America

Salmagundi Club

National Academy of Design

Society of Illustrators (Hall of Fame 1963)


Oklahoma Art Center

Davenport (Iowa) Art Museum

Smithsonian American Art Museum

The National Museum of American Illustration


Art Institute of Chicago, 1932, 1938, 1940, 1944, 1946 

Salmagundi Club, 1939 (prize)

National Academy of Design, 1945-1950 (prize 1950) 

New Britain Institute of Art 

Hickory Museum of Art 

Montclair Museum of Art

American Water Color Society (gold and silver medals)

Roanoke College (retrospective)





Good Housekeeping

Ladies Home Journal




(and many more national publications)


Art Students League 

Grand Central School of Art


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