HARRY SHOULBERG (American, 1903 - 1995)

Works of art by Harry Shoulberg, an important American modernist, have been included in many prestigious exhibits and have won many awards.  His works are in several of the most important permanent  collections of 20th century American art, both public and private.   He was among the early group of Work Progress Administration (WPA) artists working in the screenprint medium, and later turned to oils.

City College of New York
American Artists School
J. Reed
S. Wilson
C. Holty
H. Glitenkamp and Harriton

Bronx House, New York, 1942 (prize)
Corcoran Gallery Biennials, 1941
Carnegie Institute, 1945
Library of Congress, 1945-47
San Francisco Art Association, 1946
Seattle Art Museum, 1944-46
National Academy of Design, 1946
Modern Age Gallery, 1945 (solo)
Francis Webb Gallery, 1945 (solo)
National Seriograph Society, 1945 (solo)
Teachers Center, 1945 (solo)
Denver University, 1945 (solo)
Salpeter Gallery, 1945 (solo)
Hudson Guild, 1945 (solo)
High Point Gallery, 1945 (solo)
Harbor Gallery, 1945 (solo)
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1946
Audubon Artists 28th Annual, New York, 1970
National Academy of Design, 156th Annual, 1971
“NYC WPA Art” at Parsons School of Design, 1977
Harbor Gallery, 1970’s

National Seriography Society
Artists League of America
United American
Audubon Artists
American Society of Contemporary Artists
New Jersey Society of Painters and Sculptors
Artists Equity Association

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences
Denver Art Museum
San Francisco Museum of Art
Baltimore Museum of Art
Ain Herod Museum
Brooks Memorial Gallery
Carnegie Institute
New York State University
University of Wisconsin
Ball State Teachers College
St. Lawrence University
Albrecht Gallery
George Walter Vincent Smith Museum
University of Oregon
University of Arizona
New Jersey State College
Butler Art Institute
Wichita State University
Arizona State University Museum of Art
Chrysler Museum of Art
Milwaukee Art Museum

Tanner Prize, Philadelphia
Guild Hall, East Hampton (first prize)
Parrish Museum (second prize)
Jane Peterson Prize
Emily Lowe Award, 1956
Kapp Award, Silvermine Guild, 1957
M.J. Kaplan Memorial Award, American Society of Contemporary Artists, 1966

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